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The Son-Rise Program For Autism Platform provides families with effective autism therapy and support through a new comprehensive online platform. Developed using the proven principles of The Son‑Rise Program®, which has empowered families to create meaningful improvements in their children's lives for over 40 years. Our enhanced platform is designed to support your family's unique needs and encompasses a wide array of autism tools, providing you with: COURSES, COMMUNITY, & RESOURCES.

Awarded Best Autism Therapy at the National AutismOne Conference!

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to save over 15% for your first 12 months of access!
(Promotion expires March 1st, 2024, 12:00am midnight EST)

Key Features of The Son-Rise Program For Autism Platform:

  • The Son-Rise Program® Online is a comprehensive, go-at-your-own-pace online course that walks you through creating and implementing an effective autism therapy program with your child right from home.
  • Online Training Modules: Step-by-step video modules that guide parents and caregivers through the principles and techniques of The Son-Rise Program. These include short quizzes and interactive learning exercises to help you reinforce The Son-Rise Program principles and techniques.
  • The Son-Rise Program Online Library:
    • An extensive catalog of videos, educational blogs, worksheets, inspiration, newsletters, and more to help you gain a deeper understanding of the program and expand on how to apply what you have learned most effectively for your child.
    • Continued new content uploaded to the library two times per month.
  • ExpandShare Mobile App: Easily download the ExpandShare mobile app to your iPhone or Android and have immediate access to The Son-Rise Program Online at the touch of a button, so you can pick up where you left off anytime, anywhere.
  • An easy to follow Social Developmental Model: The Son-Rise Program® Developmental Model helps you to plot your child and set goals in Four Fundamentals of Socialization: Interactive Attention Span, Verbal Communication, Eye Contact & Non-Verbal Communication, and Flexibility.
Son-Rise Program participants

Live Workshops & Consultations via Zoom

  • Enrichment Classes led by experienced Son-Rise Program Teachers. They’ll provide you with in-depth training and interactive learning opportunities.
  • Topic-based learning live via Zoom. Sessions are offered at two different times per session date, approximately two times per month. Experienced Son-Rise Program Teachers will cover important autism-related topics, including a Q&A during each session.
  • Access one-on-one Private Consultations with certified Son-Rise Program Teachers to address specific challenges and provide guidance tailored to your child’s needs.
  • Consultations are available at a 20% discount with an active subscription to The Son-Rise Program for Autism platform.

Thriving Support Community & Resources

  • Connect with like-minded parents on a similar journey on our dedicated forums and community feed.
  • Share experiences, gain insights, and find encouragement from fellow Son-Rise Program participants. Once you register for The Son-Rise Program For Autism Platform, you will be invited to join The Son-Rise Program Online Facebook Group with other parents and professionals that are also participating.
  • Artificial Intelligence Knowledge Base:
    • Use our AI enhanced knowledge base to pose questions and find helpful information. Relevant information will be pulled from our extensive library and posted as an answer to you.
    • Get specific information about anything on the platform you’re most interested in learning more about.
  • Team Member Features:
    • Create access for your Son-Rise Program team, consisting of your Team Leader, a Primary Caregiver, and up to three support team members.
    • Each team member has their own login and gets updates from the news feed.
  • Newsfeed: Hear about and receive email notifications when new content is made available.

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What's Possible:

Through this breakthrough online autism program,
we have seen children:

  • Learn to speak for the first time, or if the child is verbal, engage in natural, reciprocal conversations.
  • Develop deep and meaningful relationships, no matter how disconnected they were at the start.
  • Reduce and eliminate tantrums, hitting and other challenging behaviors.
  • Experience real happiness, satisfaction, and love.
  • Live a full life that includes making close friends, college, dates, sports, and jobs.

"The child development team [who originally evaluated our son] told us Bridger would always be in his own world. Then we found The Son-Rise Program. Within 6 months, Bridger was using language. After nearly a year of the program, he walked up to me and spontaneously announced, 'I love you, Mommy!' Years later, Bridger graduated from high school with honors. He spent his senior year as Student Body President and captain of the tennis team. He then went on to college in the fall. What you have done for us is priceless!"

Nancy MahlumSon: Bridger, Age 8, Autism with Dysphasia
Autism treatment with The Son-Rise Program

Real experiences of parents who use The Son‑Rise Program:

Hats off to an amazing program! I'm so thankful to have this online resource! It is beautifully laid out and the narration, animation, videos and talks are integrated seamlessly. ... You are a great treasure to me! In credit to your program, I look forward to many new moments of connecting and learning from my child. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

Sherra K. Child: Joshua, Age: 8, Diagnosis: Autism

"Take this course and see the life of your child change!"

Candice H.C. Child: Aidan, Age: 9, Diagnosis: Autism

"He started to say new words, his eye contact improved immensely and he started to share an interest in the world around him."

Alison B. Child: Jack, Age: 6, Diagnosis: Autism

"Veronika has improved exponentially in areas of verbal communication, eye contact and demeanor."

Nicole S. Child: Veronika, Age: 6, Diagnosis: Autism

"Today, our son is back in a regular class and doing very well! He is performing at normal standards for his age both intellectually and socially."

Michiel and Margy J. Child’s Age: 13, Diagnosis: PDD/NOS

"He is spontaneously kissing and cuddling me for the first time since he was 4-years-old."

Paula A. Child: Colin, Age: 23, Diagnosis: Autism

"He gives spontaneous hugs, talks about his feelings, has developed a great imagination and is more comfortable in groups and new situations. We are so thankful to have found a way to help Tyler."

Gail P. Child: Tyler, Age: 16

"He's already doing things 6 months into the program that were deemed impossible."

Shelley B. Child: Hank, Age: 3, Diagnosis: PDD

Accessible to every family, everywhere… online.

We support your hopes and dreams for your child, and now you can learn to apply and implement Son-Rise Program Techniques without ever leaving your home. You will be provided with a step-by-step social developmental model, daily activities with specific growth focuses, socialization-building games, and video examples to help solidify our core techniques.

Limited Time Special Discount:
Use the coupon code GIFT2024
to save over 15% for your first 12 months of access!
(Promotion expires March 1st, 2024, 12:00am midnight EST)

The Son-Rise Program For Autism

You Wont Give Up On Your Child.
Neither Will We!

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